Egg Coffee

Egg Coffee
Egg Coffee

Egg coffee is a Hanoi specialty! A raw egg yolk is whipped furiously (seriously, we heard the beater on for like 5 minutes non-stop) with the famous drip coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

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This creates a concoction that is so thick and creamy, almost like a custard. And the most amazing thing: it tastes like creme brulee! Somehow, the egg takes away almost all the coffee flavor. So delicious! It’s like a dessert and caffeine fix in one. This is a MUST TRY when visiting Hanoi!

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Egg Coffee
Egg Coffee

Where to get

Egg coffee is not available at every café! Don’t be one of those tourists who walk into every cafe asking if it serves egg coffee!We get this at a little café at the corner of Nguyễn Hữu Huân and Cau Go (the one without walls).

Egg Coffee
Egg Coffee

Hanoi has been my favorite Asian city so far to eat in. I think it’s also the best value, when taken into account the price, quality, and freshness of ingredients. I’m dreaming of when we can go back to Hanoi just to eat all of this food again.

I’m not done sharing about Vietnamese food yet! Stayed tuned for a look at what we ate in Saigon! It’s completely different!

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